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The Only School Board Candidates Endorsed by Hatboro-Horsham Teachers and Montgomery County Sheriff Sean Kilkenny

Timeline of Accomplishments

In 2019 David, Theresa, Susan, and DJ were elected to the Hatboro-Horsham School Board. Since then, they have devoted themselves to earning your vote for another term in office. They are strong, outspoken, and effective leaders who partner with all board members, school administrators, students, parents, and community members to ensure we have strong schools and are working to foster successful learners. Their commitment to our students and our community is evident by the challenges they've overcome and the achievements they've accomplished. Below are just some of those accomplishments.

November 7, 2023


Thank you, Hatboro-Horsham!

October, 2023

The College Board names Hatboro-Horsham High School to the AP Honor Roll!

The AP School Honor Roll recognizes schools whose AP programs are delivering results for students while broadening access. Schools earn this recognition based on criteria that reflect a commitment to increasing college-going culture, providing opportunities for students to earn college credit, and maximizing college readiness. 

MAY 24, 2023

Keith Valley Middle School Ground Breaking! Watch the HHTV News Brief

APRIL 17, 2023

Student Discipline Policy UPDATED

  • The Board unanimously approved adopting a more proactive, holistic, and preventative student discipline policy. The updates include the implementation of restorative practices – focusing on better discipline, not only punishment, to address violations.

APRIL 17, 2023

Policies updated:

  • 011 – Principles of Governance and Leadership

  • 218 – Student Discipline

  • 218.2 – Terroristic Threats

  • 218.3 - Students Convicted or Adjudicated Delinquent of Sexual Assault of Another Student

FEBRUARY 13, 2023

HHEA & Administration agree on a new contract and the School Board adopts the contract in a unanimous vote

HHEA ko.png
FEBRUARY 6, 2023

On-site work begins on the New Keith Valley Middle School Project

JANUARY 4, 2023

Policies updated:

  • Policy #105 - Curriculum Development

  • Policy #113.1 - Discipline of Students with Disabilities

  • Policy #127 - Assessments

Policies reviewed:

  • Policy #108 - Textbook Adoption

  • Policy #217 - Graduation

SEPTEMBER 19, 2022

Hired a new real estate attorney to help resolve the Limekiln-Simmons Elementary School property dispute

SEPTEMBER 19, 2022

Six students from HHHS have been announced as National Merit Semi-Finalists

JULY 25, 2022

HHSD awarded two new grants dedicated to improving school safety and student mental health

JUNE 20, 2022

School Board Student Representatives are welcomed to their first School Board meeting

  • Student voice on the School Board Board Students representatives are students selected by application

  • Responsibilities include student perspective reports and serving as a bridge between students and local government

JUNE 14, 2022

Achievement Task Force reports preliminary results from the Student Wellness Survey

JUNE 14, 2022

Professional development initiatives report

JUNE 6, 2022

Since 1999, there have been over 330 school shootings on K-12 campuses during the school day. HHSB passes a resolution urging lawmakers to regulate firearms further

  • This resolution was in response to the most recent school shooting at Robb Elementary in TX–where 19 students and 2 educators were gunned down

  • It was also in response to this alarming statistic: since 1999, there have been over 330 school shootings on K-12 campuses during the school day

  • Passed along party-line vote (5 Democrats to 3 Republicans with 1 Board member absent)

MAY 16, 2022

Change to HHHS HATS period

  • New Lunch & Learn program initiated

  • Allowing students more flexibility and opportunity to seek assistance from teachers

MAY 16, 2022

Board approves the purchase of new playground equipment for Blair Mill Elementary School

BMES Playground.jpg
MAY 2, 2022

HHSD sold Pennypack Elementary School Building and Property to Hatboro Borough

  • HHSD receives above fair market value based on an independent assessment

  • Sale to the Borough ensured:

    • Safety and environmental concerns would be addressed, including flood mitigation measures

    • Community resources and access to open space would be preserved

  • Vote to approve sale was split along party lines (6 to 3)

MARCH 25, 2022

Four students from HHHS have been announced as National Merit Finalists

MARCH 21, 2022

Curriculum Committee reviewed Policy 109–Resource Materials

  • Ensuring non-textbook, supplemental, and current event curriculum remains incorporated into our students' education

MARCH 1, 2022

Initiated the HHSD Achievement Task Force

FEBRUARY 22, 2022

Policies updated:

  • 109–Resource Materials

  • 815–Acceptable Use of Internet, Computers, and Network Resources

FEBRUARY 22, 2022

Substitute Teacher Service (STS) rate updated

FEBRUARY 22, 2022

Health & Safety Plan updated to address Dept. of Health guidance

  • Passed via 8 to 1 vote

JANUARY 18, 2022

Policies updated:

  • 202–Eligibility of Nonresident Students

  • 220–Student Expression/Distribution and Posting of Materials

  • 224–Care of School Property

NOVEMBER 15, 2021

HHSD adopts Policy 832–Educational Equity by majority vote on the policy's 2nd read

  • After the 1st read unanimously passed only 4 weeks earlier, the 2nd read vote was split along party lines 5 to 4 with no comments, explanations, or revisions suggested from the 4 dissenting republican votes

NOVEMBER 15, 2021

HHSD adopts Policy 920–Civility by majority vote on the policy's 2nd read

  • After the 1st read unanimously passed only 4 weeks earlier, the 2nd read vote was split 7 to 2 with no comments, explanations, or revisions suggested from the 2 dissenting republican votes

OCTOBER 18, 2021

Critical Foundations comprehensive plan update on the ELA Curriculum, which addressed four focus areas

  • Student Achievement

  • Deeper Learning

  • Equity, and

  • Literacy

OCTOBER 18, 2021

Board unanimously voted to approve the 1st Read of Policies:

  • 920 Civility

  • 832 Equity


Reviewed Policy 239 Foreign Exchange Students and approved with no changes

OCTOBER 18, 2021

Substitute Teacher Service (STS) addendum agreement reached

OCTOBER 18, 2021

Updated District Comprehensive Plan

OCTOBER 14, 2021

A community forum is held to discuss the Educational Equity Policy

SEPTEMBER 20, 2021

HHSB approves to move to the design development phase for the  New Keith Valley Middle School Building Project

AUGUST 20, 2021

STEM rewrite to include coding, robotics, digital media, digital citizenship

AUGUST 11, 2021

Neighborhood input meeting was held for the New Keith Valley Middle School Building Project

JULY 19, 2021

A responsible but flexible District Health and Safety Plan was updated

  • The Board voted unanimously

JULY 13, 2021

HHSB Training: PSBA Educational Equity Workshop Part 2 

  • 6 Board members in attendance — including David, Theresa, Susan, and DJ

JUNE 12, 2021

Final farewell event for Pennypack Elementary School

JUNE 7, 2021

Policy updated:

  • 130 Homework

JUNE 7, 2021

Safety improvements:

  • 25 interior/exterior CCTV security cameras installed

  • HHHS vestibule/lobby security improvements

  • Metal lockdown doors installed at Blair Mill Elementary school

JUNE 7, 2021

New K–5th grade math curriculum adopted

MAY 17, 2021

New policy adopted:

  • 218.3 Students Convicted or Adjudicated Delinquent of Sexual Assault of Another Student

APRIL, 2021

HHSB approves technology infrastructure upgrade

HHSB unanimously votes to hire new Director of Business Affairs, Bill Stone, formerly of Council Rock School District and Souderton School District

bill stone.jpeg
APRIL 19, 2021
APRIL, 2021

Community workshop was held for the New Keith Valley Middle School Building Project

APRIL 1, 2021

HHSB approved the upgraded Simmons Elementary Bus Loop project to help with traffic flow and pedestrian safety

MARCH 22, 2021

HHSB Training: PSBA Equity Workshop Part 1

  • Of the 5 H-H Board members in attendance, all were Democrats — including David, Theresa, Susan, and DJ

MARCH 15, 2021

Re-return, after Covid surge, of hybrid instruction for 2nd – 12th grade beginning April 6th

MARCH 8, 2021

Pre-K, Kindergarten, and some students with special needs re-return, after Covid surge, to 100% in-person learning  


New policy adopted:

  • 355 Crowdfunding

Policy updated:

  • 214 Class Rank

FEBRUARY 16, 2021
JANUARY 19, 2021

HHSD partners with Pennsylvania School Board Association (PSBA) to begin work on Educational Equity Policy

JANUARY 12, 2021

Math curriculum review continues; English Language Arts (ELA) & Social Studies (SS) curriculum review begins

DECEMBER 7, 2020

Shutdown order ends

DECEMBER 7, 2020

New policies adopted:

  • 303 Employment of Family Members

  • 350 Social Media and Electronic Communications

  • 824 Maintaining Appropriate Boundaries with Students

Policies updated:

  • 320 Freedom of Speech in Nonschool Settings


Preliminary planning work begins for the New Keith Valley Middle School Project

COVID-19 | County-wide shutdown

NOVEMBER 23, 2020
NOVEMBER 16, 2020

10th and 12th grade students return to school in hybrid learning model


Governor and Montgomery County Office of Public Health orders school buildings to shutdown beginning November 23 to December 6

NOVEMBER 13, 2020
NOVEMBER 12, 2020

9th-grade students return to school in hybrid learning model

NOVEMBER 9, 2020

7th and 8th grade students return to school in hybrid learning model

NOVEMBER 5, 2020

1st through 6th grade and Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (ECAT) students return to in-person/virtual hybrid learning model

OCTOBER 26, 2020

Pre-K, Kindergarten, and some students with special needs return to 100% in-person learning with appropriate social distancing and other COVID-19 safety precautions in place

JULY 20, 2020

HHSB unanimously passes the Anti-Racism Resolution

JULY, 2020

New Crooked Billet Elementary School building project complete

JUNE, 2020

Refinanced Bond — Saving the district $1.3M 

MAY 4, 2020

HHSB unanimously votes to hire new Superintendent, Dr. Scott Eveslage; previously, Dr. Eveslage was the Assistant Superintendent at Lower Merion School District

Eveslage Scott LinkedIn.jpg
APRIL 20, 2020

Board settles the HHEA contract

  • The contract had expired 9 months before David, Terry, Susan, and DJ took office


HHSB meetings go virtual, ensuring transparency and continued community participation. Started Zoom meetings and recordings to allow all members of the township and borough to view meetings to ensure a transparent meeting/community response process

APRIL 6, 2020
APRIL 3, 2020

Laptop or iPad distribution begins

  • Elementary school students receive their district-provided computers to ensure access to virtual learning

APRIL 3, 2020

The District ensured laptops/iPads will be provided to every student and ensured WIFI access for all families

MARCH 30, 2020

HHHS and KV resume classes virtually; structured remote learning begins

MARCH 16, 2020

Initial direction for home learning shared, more structured plans in development

MARCH 13, 2020

COVID-19 | State-wide shutdown

Gov. Wolf directs all commonwealth schools to close through 3/27; HHSD communicates closure through 3/30. Wolf later pushed back the closure to 4/6 and then eventually closed schools through the remainder of the school year

DECEMBER 7, 2019

David, Theresa, Susan, and DJ join fellow Democrat Jen Wilson and are sworn in forming Hatboro-Horsham’s 1st Democratically led board

By re-electing David, Theresa, Susan, and DJ, you can be assured that an honest, transparent team can continue to serve in the best interest of our students, their families, and our communities.
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