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Do you have a question about an issue, a claim, a concern, or any topic for the Democratic Hatboro-Horsham School Board Candidates? Check out the Fact Check entries below. Or, if you don't see the answer to your question, email us your question directly.

You may have heard that there is constant fighting, violence, and drug activity in the High School, and it is being swept under the rug.



The reality is that we have had an amazing beginning of the year at the high school. Incidents are down dramatically and there have been NO reported drug violations, something that we should all applaud. This only happens when everyone is working together. Don't fall victim to the scare tactics that are designed to generate outrage and concern in the community.

Will there be Republican school board candidates on my Democratic primary election ballot?

YES. It's important to vote for your Democratic-endorsed candidates only—David, Theresa, Susan, and DJ.


Because in Pennsylvania, cross-filing is permitted in school board elections (and municipal judge elections)


Cross-filing means Republican candidates can petition to appear on the Democratic primary election ballot, and Democratic candidates can petition to appear on the Republican primary election ballot.

In the primary election, a vote cast for anyone other than David, Theresa, Susan, and DJ will be voting to replace a Democratic candidate in favor of a Republican candidate on the ballot in the general election. 

Election Day is Nov. 7, 2023

Re-elect All 4 Democratic Candidates

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