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The Hatboro-Horsham School District has seen a favorable financial position for three years under the newly led school board. There has been a focus on continually improving the learning experience for all students while balancing the impact on the taxpayer. Below are some of our achievements during this time.


Since taking office, we have been successful in passing budgets that maintain or increase programs while staying 2.27% below the Act 1 Index. This reduction from Act 1 is more than 2010 through 2019 COMBINED


During that time, school taxes have only increased by a combined:

  • Hatboro: $16.71 / Month

  • Horsham: $31.49 / Month

Lowest 3 year tax increase since 2014!
  • Minimal increase to taxpayers for the new Keith Valley project. (Between $232.09 and $348.76 TOTAL for the taxpayer)

Bond Rating
  • Hatboro-Horsham has a AA1 Bond rating.  Only 3 Districts in Montgomery County have a higher rating


Hatboro-Horsham has a AA1 Bond rating–Only 3 Districts in Montogomery County have a higher rating



ESSER (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund) Funds in excess of $4.5 Million were received over the course of the COVID pandemic.  Those funds were allocated to best meet the needs of students' education and safety.

ESSER Summary.jpg
​Bus Upgrades

In the past three (3) years, HH has purchased six (6) propane busses.

  • Grants totaling roughly 147,000 helped to offset the cost

  • The district is spending half as much per gallon for propane as diesel. ($1.50 vs. $3.46)

  • Oil changes at $18 vs $58 using diesel

  • Maintenance savings over diesel.  Propane burns cleaner with no exhaust fumes

  • Start up immediately in the cold, reducing idling and labor time to come in early to “warm up” diesel

  • Better emissions with lower nitrogen oxides- up to 70% lower than pre-2007 diesel buses


Other benefits of propane buses:

  • Children are said to come to school calmer because they do not have to shout to their friends

  • Drivers also have said the rides to and from school are more pleasant as a result

  • Net Operating Surplus in all 3 years

  • Increase in the fund balance in all 3 years

  • Transfered 3.5M into the Debt Service Fund to assist in repayment of debts while maintaining a robust surplus

  • District has refinanced current Bonds saving the District $1.3 M

  •  Reduction in expenditures without loss of student programming while settling the HHEA contract that was 9 months overdue when taking office

  • Increase in the substitute teacher compensation to assist in attracting substitutes to H-H

  • When Positions become available (administration, Support Staff, Teachers) a needs assessment is completed to ensure optimal programming and good financial stewardship

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