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HHSB Positions
  • Treasurer 

  • Finance Committee, Chair 

  • Policy Committee 

  • HHEF Board 

  • PSBA Representative 

  • Wellness Committee 


My name is Theresa Brown and I am an incumbent candidate for Hatboro Horsham School Board. I have been a resident of Horsham for the past 44 years.  My son and daughter are graduates of the Hatboro-Horsham school district. I am a retired educator with 36 years of public school experience and 6 years of private/independent experience as an administrator (Day Care Director), teacher (primary grades), and counselor(k through 8th grades). I have organized staff development for the entire teaching staff and developed, organized, and facilitated parenting groups. I served on long-range planning and acted as a co-facilitator on several committees. I have had many experiences which include serving on committees in the selection of Superintendent, teachers, assistant teachers, and principals. I participated on the curriculum committees and was voted President of The Department of Pupil services. I established programs that were rewarded by the State of Pennsylvania for Character education. I acted as L.E.A. representative on I.E.P. conferences and served as mentor for a newly hired counselor.

I recently joined an organization called “The Woman’s Club of Suburban Philadelphia”, which is a charitable organization.  I have also volunteered for several years at St Katherine’s food bank. I am currently serving as Hatboro-Horsham’s School Director beginning from 2019 to present.  I represent the board of Directors on the HHEF Committee, Grant Committee, Health and Wellness Committee, and as the liaison for PSBA (Pennsylvania School Board Association).  I am also a member of the Curriculum Committee, Policy Committee, and currently the Chair of the Finance Committee.

I am running again because as a team we have begun the process of supporting the increase of students’ skills in all of the academic areas, particularly in science and math. We are encouraging professional growth of staff and maintaining minimal tax increases.  We would like to spend the next four years continuing our goals. As a Board Director, I believe it is our responsibility to support students, teachers, and the community. It is our responsibility as educators to help a child discover an early interest that can grow into a lifetime of enthusiasm.  As a Board Director I accept that my decisions would represent all students, and the decisions I support would be made in the best interest of the total system.  It is my belief that the growth and development of those you lead should be at a level of support that makes your staff more willing to be risk-takers.  I continue to promote fiscal responsibility with the constraints of the current financial climate.  I believe it is our responsibility to represent all school district constituents honestly and equally.

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