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Transparency is not always easy.  Integrity is...for honest people. We have kept the promise we made to be honest, forthright, and transparent with the Hatboro-Horsham community. Though it involves the balancing of individuals’ rights, privacy, and confidentiality, we have remained steadfast in our sharing of the inner workings of the Board so that stakeholders understand the work that is being done.   


Believing in what we are doing, supporting efforts to do the right thing for students and the community, we take rightful pride in our accomplishments but also admit any shortcoming. We communicate this honestly and clearly, even when it means addressing pitfalls and setbacks.  This is being honest and transparent.

The pandemic has left the world reeling, educational communities included. We recognize this and are moving forward with plans for recovery...financially, educationally, socially, and emotionally. The public hears about these plans at every full Board and Committee meeting, all open to everyone, and welcoming of public comment. We have managed to attain transparency and have demonstrated our integrity in many ways. Though ready to work towards consensus when it can be found amid differing opinions and volatile issues, we have not, and will not compromise our values and belief in doing the right thing in the best interest of the entire community. Below are a few concrete examples of how we have demonstrated our integrity and have fought for transparency.

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  • We work tirelessly to see through to fruition what we have planned…letting all know what we are working on when we are working on it

  • We have always touted ourselves as “people, not politicians,” and we remained true to that throughout our 2019 campaign and subsequent tenure as School Directors of the Hatboro-Horsham School District

  • Honest, honorable, compassionate, and straightforward people, we are not politicians who say what we think you want to hear. We do not underhandedly distort the truth when it suits us

  • During the COVID pandemic of the 2020-2021 school year, the superintendent consistently gathered and reported on COVID-19 data and relayed such to the Board and the community at large. Holding Executive Sessions before, not after, the public meetings enabled the Board to examine the data ahead of time and voice questions and concerns.  Dr. Eveslage has increased the ease with which Board members and the public can access pertinent data, and is putting procedures in place to streamline virtual access to relevant documents.  We asked for, and received these frequent and transparent updates

  • We have provided more opportunities than past Boards for the public to learn what the Board is doing:

    • ​Twice during each Board meeting, there are public comment times; previously only once a meeting and time on the agenda before anything had been presented or discussed

    • Attendance at Board meetings and active engagement of the broader community has increased exponentially

    • All meetings are now recorded, to aid in transparency…something these four fought for and achieved early in their tenure

    • There is now Student representation on the Board, so that student voices can be heard

  • In the interest of clear communication, we are encouraging the District to update the HH website for easier access and a more complete description of what is taught and why, and how it is being taught

  • We address issues head-on:​

    • ​Believing that students need to know how to function in a diverse world, dispel stereotypes and create respect for all, we have encouraged a curriculum and enacted policies that reflect this belief

    • We have engaged in open honest discussions about controversial issues like diversity, equity, fair and just discipline, student behavior, the teaching of history and current events, school safety, or keeping us all safe during a vicious pandemic

  • ​We consistently conduct tremendous amounts of research in order to vote knowledgeably on even the most complicated and controversial issues.  We vote our hearts and minds. We don't put others down, in private or public, or spead misinformation or disinformation, to build ourselves up or incite anger and confusion in others. You can count on us to say what we mean and mean what we say

By re-electing David, Theresa, Susan, and DJ, you can be assured that an honest, transparent team can continue to serve in the best interest of our students, their families, and our communities.
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